WP5 is for Outreach and Dissemination. the creation of a smart agriculture environment and increased cooperation with private sector and local farmers will be further enhanced in WP5.

This WP includes the organisation of dissemination activities and events necessary to give visibility to the project. First, a portal and website will be the main visual reference providing basic information on AGRISAT project from the onset. In second and third year, dissemination will be achieved via multiplier events sharing project results with other key stakeholders and non-partner HEIs. Dissemination will also be achieved through a series of workshops and seminars. A final conference will offer the project results to a wider audience in Mandalay (covered within management costs). Parallel national conferences will be also organized in Laos and Cambodia. However, the project also suggests the use of a variety of web-based tools to disseminate the outputs of the project. These tools include the use of webinars, social networking media and the use of a professional platform like Linkedin for hosting blogs and on-line discussions about the project and project outputs.