Zagreb, Croatia, on 11-14 December 2023, the Faculty of Agriculture of University of Zagreb, organized a five-day seminar on “AgriSAT Students ‘Competition and Seminar on Business Idea” within the frame of the Erasmus+ AgriSAT project-INNOVATIVE CURRICULUM IN SMART AGRICULTURE THROUGH SATELLITE AND REMOTE SENSING DATA IN SEA. The activities of the event include 1) five days of seminar on agribusiness idea, 2) students’ pitch competition and 3) project management meeting.

The seminar was chaired by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hrvoje Kutnjak and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ivana Sestak, University of Zagreb faculty of Agriculture, Croatia; Prof. Dr. Emilio Gil Moya, Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), Spain; Prof. Dr. Jonathan Cheung-Wai Chan, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium, and Dr. Paulina Stepniak, Opegieka Ltd, Poland. This seminar was also participated by 4 lecturers and 10 students from difference university include: Royal University of Agriculture (RUA), University of Heng Samrin Tboung Khmum (UHST), National University of Battambang (NUBB), Cambodia, and National University of Lao (NUOL) and Souphanouvong University (SU), Lao.