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1. Preparation of common framework for curriculum development

1.1 Review of the existing curricula at BA/MSc level related to precision agriculture in Asian HEIs and introduction of learning outcomes and ECTS.

1.2 Elaboration of common operational curriculum framework for instructional methodology and guidelines.

2. Curricula development and support of capacity building in smart agriculture

2.1 Development of curriculum phase 2 with technical trainings 1 to 3

2.2 Purchase of equipment

2.3 Development of curriculum phase 3 with 1 technical and 2 transferrable curricula trainings

2.4 Accreditation/validation of new/updated courses and programs

2.5 Piloting of new courses/programs

3. Development of transferrable curriculum

3.1 Development of transferrable courses for students/researchers/farmers

3.2 Creation of modules online

3.3 Piloting of transferrable courses online/offline

4. Quality monitoring and control of AgriSAT

4.1 Internal work quality standards and procedures established; QAC created to monitor project performance established

4.2 Quality reports prepared by WP coordinators and evaluated by the QC

4.3 External Independent monitoring evaluations (mid-term and end)

5. Dissemination and exploitation of AGRISAT

5.1 Development and maintenance of project website and social media

5.2 Organization of promotional material, round tables, national and international conferences.

5.3 Survey of private and public sector awareness regarding benefits for agriculture through use of GIS/RS

5.4 Organization of summer schools for GIS/RS practitioners

5.5 Running of AGRISAT modular courses and programs and online modules

5.6 Establishment of platform for cooperation and promotion of smart agriculture

6 Management

6.1 Kick-off meeting and project management meetings

6.2 Elaboration and approval of Steering Communication Plan Dissemination & exploitation plan and creation of project Steering Committee

6.3 Project financial and administrative management

6.4 Preparation of final report to EACEA and financial audit