WP4 relates to Quality Assurance and WP7 to Project Management to make sure the smooth running of the project as well be given in later sections. The aim of the quality plan is to systematically collect, analyse, and use data to answer questions about the effectiveness of the project. The activities will be carried out using resources internally as well as externally. The evaluations will guide the project management and partners on how the implementation of the project could be improved. The Quality Plan work package is split in three tasks. First task (T4.1) is to define documents which will define Evaluation and Quality Assessment procedures, second task (T4.2) will perform project Evaluation, while in third task (T4.3) external quality assessment will be delivered. Evaluation and Quality Assessment will additionally be supported by external subcontractors. The quality plan serves to provide information about the project in two ways. Firstly, information on whether the aims and objectives are being met; and secondly if the project outcomes fit to the user expectations regarding knowledge and skills provided to bachelors, graduates and professionals through developed curriculum in GIS/RS for smart and precision agriculture. The evaluations aim to ensure end-user satisfaction and demonstrate impacts in the learners. In addition, and equally important, evaluation may also provide new insights that were not anticipated earlier.