WP3 would provide students, researchers and external stake holders (agencies, companies) with the necessary skills and competences to create business opportunities and enterpreneurial skills through LLL programs.

While syllabii is developed in WP2, transferrable courses related to agroentrepreneurship will be develop jointly between HSWT and Opelgieka for the benefit of SEA partners. 2 trainings will be foreseen – 1 at HSWT and one at UBB. The modules on decision making for precision agriculture and use of farm data; agro-enterpreneurship and social innovation and from business idea to product development will be available online and offline for teachers, researchers and agro-business sector. Certificates will be provided after the end of each module. It is expected that a minimum of 3 ECTS equivalent study time will be allocated to each of these courses

During the pilot phase, 2 participants in the modules with best business ideas that support the concept of smart agriculture will be able to benefit from an advanced training at Opelgieka in Poland during year 3. A contest will be organized at each HEI. Winners will be able observe real case-examples of smart agriculture and cooperation private sector with university with government support to improve agriculture resources and also learn how to sell ideas to real investors.