WP2 would serve to create/modernize curricula at both undergraduate and post graduate levels while providing technical skills to teachers and student in precision agriculture. The structure is that EU partners have already made a catalogue of courses for smart agriculture with GIS/RS applications in WP1. There will be in-depth analysis and description of all those related courses, and SEA partners select from relevant contents in these available courses and create/modernize/update existing or new ones in their universities Within this context, to address the regional needs, this project intends to develop innovative agriculture curriculum through state of the art technical training(please refer to technical training matrix in processing satellite and remote sensing data in smart agriculture. Technical training will provide the overview of capacity and resources with earth observation missions(e.g the EC Copernicus Program) and remote sensing data and tools. New equipment will be purchased and installed to enhance existing laboratory and new materials will be generate to enrich existing courses. In case there is no such laboratory for remote sensing/GIS, we will create a new lab for the purpose. A laboratory with software and PCs are important infrastructures for education and training. We will develop a curriculum in smart agriculture based on precision farming, climate mitigation, sustainability, productivity and food diversity through the use of satellite/remote sensing and new low-cost sensors.