Posted Date: 12/31/21

Academic visits to NUBB, RUA and UHST, Cambodia

This appointment was held in NUBB December 23rd 2021, RUA December 27th 2021 and UHST December 30th 2021. This meeting was about review work packages and tasks in relation to Year Plan 2021 and review equipment purchase process, visit local facilities and intended laboratory for remote sensing and geographic information system. Moreover, during the meeting was discussed about curriculum development, accreditation process and webpage development process. Furthermore, project coordinator was guiding about financial matter including travel document, staff course and exchange rate. This appointment was conduct between project coordinator from VUB and NUBB, RUA and UHST team, Cambodia.

Presentation slide of UHST:

Visit Agenda:

AgriSAT Cambodia Academic Visits Dec 2021 Agenda (2)